Porn-stars Without Makeup

Pornstar grabs out so wild it goes when sex-shooting when the cameras are off

He was seen in 125 Hardcore movies, had sex with several women (“something in the three-digit area”): Two and a half years, Till Kraemer worked as a porn star. Now he starts a career as a Stand-up Comedian. In its program, it is – of course – porn. The MOPO met the 41-year-old from Rosengarten for a gentle Interview.

The Porn Start

“I had a strenuous relationship behind me and as an actor, it didn’t work well. Since I applied for a porn Label with an amateur film. I wanted a Job to be fun. And was also private already quite unrestrained, had Sex with an Ex-girlfriend in the middle of the city park or in the swinger club.“

Sex Shooting: The Casting

“First, applicants fill out questionnaires on their sexual taboos. And because so many men absolutely want to become porn performers, they are usually cast at a “Gangbang“, ie a group sex scene. It was weird to have to prove yourself next to 50 sweaty men’s butt. Without Gage, Of course.“

The first Sex shoot

“He was extremely embarrassing! I was super excited and came after a Minute. The whole thing happened to me several times in a row. “Till, this isn’t fun to anyone but you,” the director told me and annoyed me a Dildo in my Hand. Go on with it. After that, I taught myself to delay orgasm – through deep breathing in the abdomen.“

Porn – a dream job?

“Actually, Yes. This is like a parallel universe in which men’s dreams come true. I’m not a guy tearing up in disco’s women. On the Set everything is already cleared, it is played with open cards. I think it’s better to have sex with women who are cool with it instead of playing women at the Club.“

Sex shooting: this happens behind the scenes

“There is actually more Sex behind the camera than before. That surprised me very much – and pleased. Performers are usually accommodated in the same Hotel. Often performers knocking at my door in the evening. Or on the way back in the ICE, I have disappeared with a colleague several times in the toilet. Sex is ubiquitous in the industry and has almost the status of a hug or a sympathetic acquaintance.”

Can a porn star shoot when she has her days?

What does a female porn star’s day-to-day work look like? Who has ever asked this question, the most likely at the question-answer round of porn star Jessa Rhodes on Reddit the heart has risen. There were no questions-and, above all, no answers left open.

“I am Pornstar Jessa Rhodes, AMA!” is called the Thread on Reddit, which the blonde launched last week. “AMA “stands for” Ask Me Anything”. And the Name is a program because their Fans had quite a few questions about the job as a porn actress. Neither the questioners nor the pornstar took a leaf in front of his mouth.

Jessa Rhodes is a Porn professional. In her filmography, there are such soundful titles as “Bikini Outlaws” (2013), “Moms Bang Teens 9” (2014), “The Art of Anal Sex” (2018) and “They Come in Peace” (2019). No question, Jessa Rhodes knows what she’s talking about when she talks about the porn business.

A User asked the 26-year-old, who was active before her career as a porn actress also as a stripper and nude model, quite bluntly about what happens when she gets her days on shooting days. The inquisitive Lord also wanted to know exactly: “I have always wondered what this is like when you have your days? Do you always take a week off a month?“

Jessa explained to the man how the porn industry deals with the monthly bleeding of female performers. In short: “we make ourselves very clean and use a sponge. You asked.”In plain language, this means: there are no time-outs for porn performers. The show must go on! Freddie Mercury from the British rock band “Queen” already knew that.

Is she ashamed of her Job? Not a bit! How do people who get to know you react to your profession? “I don’t feel ashamed at all and speak at once when people ask me what I am doing professionally.”And most of the time she even enjoys her life as a porn actress.

“If I’m honest, I enjoy 90 percent of the time. I have been in the industry for seven years now, which makes it easier for me” she said. She now knows what it comes to with the scenes, knows all angles and lighting problems. At first, it was different, because I was very nervous and anxious to open myself in front of the camera. I focused too much on doing what the director asked me to do, rather than just focusing on having good Sex.“

And yet, not always everything is just fun. Addressed to her longest filmed scene, she wrote: “I was once on Set for 24 hours. That wasn’t a particularly fun day.“ It comes to a clear conclusion. And she gives interesting impressions in the everyday life of a porn star.

From the life of a porn star: “the Sex after the shooting changes”

What does the private love life of a porn artist look like? Jason Steel (36) has been working in the industry for 18 years. In conversation with FOCUS Online, he tells how the job, on the one hand, stimulates Sex at home – and on the other hand, endangers relationships.

Is private sex, and sex in front of the camera in the head separate?

Jason Steel: for me, it is always a different condition. Private it is simply completely stress-free – without pressure, without coercion. Private Sex is also almost always possible, at least with me. At work, of course, it may be that it comes to failures. Then maybe it’s too cold or it’s such a day when you think, ” Oh, today I don’t want to work.”Each of US has it, it also happens with porn models.

What do performers do in such cases if they still have to work?

Jason Steel: the pressure is great, so many quickly reach to Viagra. I’ve never taken anything in the industry in the first twelve years. That came only with age, and for a while, I did, in fact, very excessive. But at some point, I realized that my body got too used to it. Before that, I turned out to myself if something didn’t work. With a Viagra, you no longer think about it and thereby lose something that you have worked on for many years inside.

How exactly is that possible?

Jason Steel: people always ask how porn actors manage to maintain their standing for as long as possible. I say, on the days when things are bad, you really learn a lot. These are the most important days for a male actor. On the Set you have to make aware: “what is it, what is not right? What do I have to do now to get me in the mood and keep going?”

When I realized that, I started to reduce the dose again and weaned from Viagra. That worked very well. If I turn under difficult conditions, for example, because I’m cold or have a headache, then I take a quarter. This is less than the dose I originally started with. I do this only in the last resort and never go beyond it.

And the sex at home has little to do with what happened on the Set?

Jason Steel: although there is a separation in the head, you still have to take care and ask yourself: how much do I take home from porn? And how much do I take from home to porn? It changes your sexual behavior. For example, it may happen to you that certain things get boring at some point.

What, for example?

Jason Steel: a simple mission statement I prefer private with my wife much. Because so the Sex is very intimate and I prefer this position because I can then feel it even deeper. But if I have to do this on the Set two or three times in a row, then the feeling inside me arises: “man, this is just boring.“ Although I still enjoy the matter, I would rather change to a different position.

Are there any other private practices that are more fun than shooting?

Jason Steel: anal sex is also such an example. There it is not that I would say: I always feel like it. The woman should have eaten at least five to eight hours before that, nothing – in the best case twelve hours. That is, the performers usually arrive hungry on the Set. Then you are irritated and ask: “how long does the scene take?”

For me, as a man, this means extra Stress when shooting. Because it’s incredibly important for me to get in touch with the woman and take time. You also have to use the right handles to make it pain-free and in the end, lead to an increase in pleasure.

Do you take sex practices home from the set to the bedroom?

Jason Steel: it happens. It’s like this: you come to the Set with your standard repertoire of things that you have seen and tried yourself. But the producer wants something completely different. Then you feel funny first. It may happen that you say, ” Okay, we did this for the scene, but it’s not my case.“ But it can also happen that you have noticed during shooting, that it is actually quite nice and that you could do this in private. To some extent, you then take suggestions home.

What were your inspirations?

Jason Steel: I’ve made a lot of fetish scenes between 20 and 25-with Latex, rubber, whips, shackles and masks. At the beginning I said: it’s not for me. To date, brackets and the like Are Not So my case. But at some point, as I grew older, I realized that I started to like the dominant-submissive role-playing somehow. Then one has discovered an inclination, and at best the right partner to develop together sexually.

Does it also happen that the impulse emanates from the partner to play a scene at home?

Jason Steel: it’s rare. According to my perception, men are more playful. And being playful is often misinterpreted by women as a kind of sexual obsession. In women, jealousy plays a greater role when they watch their husbands having sex with someone else.

Does the job often have a negative impact on the relationship with porn brands?

Jason Steel: jealousy is definitely a Problem. But that depends on the partnership. If in a relationship that has grown, one of the two partners – male or female – determines that he wants to shoot porn, and that is blessed by the other, you realize: in such cases, there is less jealousy. For they know each other, know what it is about, and understand each other. Then you are more likely to meet your Partner’s desire or passion. There’s a lot of love in the game.

What if Love is still fresh?

Jason Steel: partnerships that are relatively young have a harder time. Perhaps one Partner is already in the Business when the two come together. There is often a lot of jealousy. This may also have to do with the fact that trust is not yet so strong.

Is jealousy a fundamental problem or are there certain things that partners feel particularly bad?

Jason Steel: there are also very common performers who then, for example, tell their girlfriend: “I have seen, the kisses the yes too. Did you know?”There is stabbed in small wounds.

I have also experienced a Situation that was really very naughty: The lady has just sent pictures from the Set to my girlfriend and wrote: “Here, look at That just make it private”. In retrospect, it turned out that she was actually crash into me. Women are sometimes really tearing themselves apart on the Set.

Does selfishness also play a role in this?

Jason Steel: Yes, and strangely, this is more common among women than among men. This means that women who work in the industry often define their work as work. I think this is a strange phenomenon because women do it for the same reason as men: because they have this fire in them, want to share some of it and live out their sexual freedom. But women are less inclined to admit it. Men are somewhat more honest in terms and say: Of course it is work. But it’s also what I really want and like to do.

In my experience, men tend to share, while women are often more possessive. The most important thing is that there is a balance in the partnership. If, for example, he wants a threesome with two women, then she may well want a threesome with two men.

What about your relationship with life?

Jason Steel: I have just broken a love. There were a number of reasons – we both made mistakes. In addition, two weeks ago I was tested positive for Syphilis for the first time in 18 years. That was not the reason for the separation, but for both of us the last straw.


Jason Steel: she’s herself a porn actress, but she didn’t have so many shots this year. This has meant that the Balance between us was no longer right. But I couldn’t help compensate for this because she retired a bit from me. Then one wonders as a woman may be: am I no longer pretty and attractive? So one led to another.

When we met, I was already 14 years in porn Business. Many things were new and strange to her at the beginning. It took her a long time to get used to it. I told her she couldn’t lay down rules for me, what’s going on and what’s not going on. That’s not how the relationship works. In retrospect, maybe a mistake. I should have given her the time she needed to get used to everything.

Have you made compromises in this respect?

Jason Steel: of course we have made compromises, this is normal in a relationship. But we both caught up in the fact that we had to renegotiate these compromises over and over again. At some point, this became very strenuous and had an impact on the work. I went to the Set with a bad feeling, when my girlfriend has previously cynically said: “You are looking forward to the sex with them already!” I need it – neither as a man nor as a performer.

About Jason Steel

Jason Steel is a bourgeois name and was born in 1982 in Berlin-Lichtenberg. He first learned banking and insurance clerk, but then I decided to rather shoot porn. He has been working in the industry for 18 years and is, therefore, one of the few professional male performers who have stayed there for so long.